Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kim Kardashian Is Sick Of Being The Butt Of All The Fat Jokes! She Even Cried!! How Sadsies!

kim kardashian defends her pregnant figure1

Dang! You guys should give this lady a break, why EVIL!!

It's obvious that when women get pregnant they gain weight, and just because Kim Kardashian is a celeb that doesn't mean that she gets a pass to what mother nature has in store.
Unfortunately for the reality star, while she's put on 65 pounds during her pregnancy, a lot of HATERS have been taking to social media sites — particularly her Twitter to tell her that she is one hefty woman.

The only problem with this is that Kimmy isn't fat, she's having a child, so of course her kurves were bound to get bigger.
With that said, Miz Kardashian has had enough of the criticism and is fighting back.

She said:
“People can be so mean. It’s not cool and it’s not fair. People are saying, ‘you’re so fat!’ I’m like, dude, I’m pregnant! Social media gives people the guts to say mean things.”

And to top off that craziness, Kim already thinks that Kanye West is going to cheat on her because of her weight, so the last thing she needs is everyone and their mom talking mess about her pregnant figure.

According to a source, Kimberly has even been crying over this whole ordeal, and while it's apparent that she has tough skin, having people constantly talk about your weight is never fun.
Sadly for the starlet, we don't think the taunting is going to stop, so all she can do is keep her head up!!

I still love you gurl!

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