Saturday, March 22, 2014

Woman finds out on her wedding night her ex-boyfriend won £108million on the lottery

Kirstine on her wedding night  & ex Neil & new gf celebrate 

Imagine you left your ex and on the day you were getting married to another man/woman ,you heard that ex won 108 million pounds that very day..Lol

Kirstine Hamilton's romantic honeymoon in Mexico was rudely interrupted by the news that her former partner, & father of her only child Neil Trotter, had scooped £108million on the lottery & had suddenly become one of the richest men in Britain

But the very new Mrs Hamilton showed no bitterness .Instead, she sent him a joking text message: ‘That’s just typical of you, Trotter.’

Mr Trotter who was a mechanic closed down his garage for good the day he heard the news, said that he planned to use his fortune to buy country mansions, sports  cars and designer handbags for his new girlfriend.
When asked if he would be buying his ex-girlfriend a house – and explained that she and her husband were rich enough already.
He also said yesterday that he had no plans to marry Miss Ottaway, his new girlfriend even though she has already quit her job as a receptionist to live a life of luxury with him.

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