Friday, March 1, 2013

Dbanj &manager Bankuli split over Kanye West?


If recent reports are anything to go by,Dbanj and manager,vocalist and sound creator, Seun Bankuli have split.If you recall,Dbanj replaced former Mohits manager, Sunday Are with Bankuli after clinching his Kanye West Deal.
According to sources,the reason for the split was when Bankuli traveled to Paris after the koko concert,to do some adlibs on Kanye West's new album
They reportedly engaged in a heated argument which turned into a physical fight. Bankuli's vocals were featured on Lift off ft Beyonce in watch the throne album, as well as on Illest Mothafucka alive
Bankuli has removed all traces of Dbanj's DBB records on his twitter profile..

Why professional relationships in the Nigerian entertainment industry don't last baffles me.......

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