Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bus Preacher beaten to coma in Lagos because condoms fellout from his bible


According to reports, a bus preacher was almost lynched on saturday morning at Toyota bustop , infront of Ladipo spare parts market, Lagos.

He was said to be 
preaching the word of God when some condoms fell from his bible..His sermon was made up of words like"If you wear trousers, you go to hell..makeup was invented by the devil...weavons are from the marine spirits ...if you have premarital sex,you will burn in hell and your skin will peel"..

According to an eyewitness Mr John Mbakogwu,the preaching was so intense that" people were just falling as he was laying hands.One man almost fellout of the bus under the influence of the spirit. It was amazing until he raised his hands to cast the demons out of one girl and two Durex condoms fell out.

The angry men in the bus who were already feeling guilty over his preaching on premarital sex got angry and pounced on him and he started shouting "I also preach safe sex..safe sex is good"..Policemen were called and they saved the pastor,arresting 2 people while the condoms were taken as evidence...

Culled from Daily post

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