Monday, May 27, 2013

Ladies with Tattoos more likely to have sex with men on the first date.-Study claims

Many ladies wont like this(especially those with tattoos). A French Professor claims if you are a female with a tattoo you are a more likely to sleep with men on the first date. He also claims you are also seen as more attractive and more approachable.

This findings were as a result of a survey carried out by a team from France's Université de Bretagne-Sud The study  was carried out on the beaches of Brittany during the summers. 

11 university-aged women who had been rated as the most attractive out of a group of 58 visited the  beach 20 times during the summer, wearing a temporary tattoo on their lower back 50% of the time and with clean skin the rest of the time.

When women were displaying the tattoos researchers found that the men were more likely to approach and then chat with them, as well as being quicker in making their approach.
For the second part of the experiment a group of over 400 20something men who were on the beaches at the same time as the sunbathing women were quizzed.

They were asked to answer two questions about the women, once they had been identified as somebody to analyse with reference to a study in romantic relationships: what they thought the likelihood was of the girl agreeing to go out on a date with them, and of the likelihood of having sex on the first date? They were also asked to rate the girl's attractiveness.

The results showed that women with tattoos were considered both more likely togo on a date and also more likely to have sex on the first date.

Do you agree?

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