Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"I will upload sex tapes of Femi Kayode's wife & daughters"-Shama Maliga threathens + FFK prepares to go to court

Wahala dey oh!!! Mr Shama Maliga, the former friend of FFK has resurfaced again .Recall last month, he spilled alot of dirty secrets because Femi listed names of women he had affairs with(READ HERE)..and this time he is threatening to backup his claims by releasing videos ofFemi's daughters and wife..(Funny thing is..he just posts these with no photos of himself to show)

"Now that Femi has chosen to be buried with the housefly, I'm very prepared now to upload several of his wife and daughters sex videos and pictures in the internet. Apologies to those my actions might offend.

More to come, how one Olayemi Akintomide ( today's Mrs. Yemi Ajakaye) was under Femi's rough sexual and oral sexual punishment for years all in the name work with Skye bank plc.Hell is about to get loose.

For those who believed they have gun, its time to shoot Shama. For those who believed they have bomb, it time to destroy Shama. For those who believed they have the Judges in their pocket and have big wide mouth, its time to talk non stop.
We shall see who will be silent soon. Its action time! Loquacious lips shall soon loose strength to lift or to open.
Relax for this free sweet porn entertainment staring; Regina Femi Fani Kayode as the main Actress. Those begging me not to, sorry I just lost my patience. OBJ never denied banging his son's wife, definitely he will not deny banging Femi's wife Regina and his daughters. Those who banged must tell. I am not only telling mine. I will be showing some of our banging videos and others...
In other news Femi insists he knows Bianca and is ready to go to court. His PA responded to Bianca Ojukwu's threat today..(Missed her's?Read Here)

 “We really do wonder what Mrs. Ojukwu really wants from Chief Fani-Kayode and what her agenda really is?
“Throughout this matter Chief Fani-Kayode has chosen the path of peace and has attempted to avoid an ugly and public quarrel with Bianca Ojukwu out of respect to the memory of her late father Chief C.C. Onoh and the memory of her late husband, Dim Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu,.
“This is sad and unfortunate and it is beyond the imagination of anyone that a serving Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would so readily and so easily be given to telling such lies.
“Chief Fani-Kayode is not comfortable with publicly joining issues with ladies when it comes to matters of a private nature such as this because he was well brought up and he is a gentleman but it is clear that Bianca Ojukwu is desperate to go to war over this issue and to cover up the truth about their past,” said Mr. Fani-Kayode.
“It is also clear that she has constituted herself into the
 arrowhead of a group of people that are determined to use her and this whole unsavoury episode to attempt to distract attention from the wider and more important issues raised in the essay and to discredit him.
“Since that is the case we welcome whatever action Ojukwu wishes to take in court and we shall gladly meet her there.
“We will also be instigating our own
 legal proceedings against her in due course for her barefaced and malicious lies and her consistent claim that she has never met Chief Fani-Kayode all in an attempt to libel, defame, diminish and discredit him before the entire world,”
“The precise nature of that relationship will be explored and exposed in open court,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.
“It is not in the nature of Chief Fani-Kayode to fight unnecessary and distractive battles over flippant matters such as this but on this occasion he has been compelled to do so simply because he will do whatever it takes to protect his integrity and establish the fact that he has told no lie.
“Since she has continued her shameless perfidy and wishes to tread the path of deceit and confrontation then so be it.
“Finally let it be clearly understood that at no point did Chief Fani-Kayode lie about the nature of his relationship with Ojukwu. However he did not feel that it was appropriate or necessary to share the details of that relationship with the public because he felt that such matters were strictly private.
“The fact that she mistook his mature exercise of restraint and discretion, even when provoked and insulted, his desire for peace and his gentlemanly nature for weakness is not only unfortunate but also a grave miscalculation on her part.
Once again we reiterate the fact that we counsel Ojukwu to take whatever course of action she pleases and we welcome this opportunity to expose her for what she is.The matter has been referred to our lawyers for final preparation. They will prepare a vigorous defence to Ojukwu’s absurd allegations and they will also determine our next line of action against her,”

....Wow the man has alot to deal with, He must be a kardashian..lol

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